Ways to Ease a Nasty Hangover

March 14, 2016 by: King


The fact is that there are two types of people that consume alcoholic drinks. There are those that drink occasionally. There are those that drink frequently. Those that drink occasionally, might drink at a special event, party, or celebration. Those that drink frequently, might consume a drink with their dinner each day or other times during the day. People that drink occasionally, rarely get a hangover. Those that drink frequently are prone to more hangovers. Many wonder if there is a real cure for hangovers or what is the best cure for a hangover. Certainly, the best way to avoid a hangover is to avoid alcohol. However, people have discovered a few methods that might work to reduce hangover symptoms. Certainly, it is important to use due caution. Some home made remedies might be dangerous. Let’s take a look at a few hangover myth’s and cures.

Take Another Drink

Most people are aware of the myths surrounding alcoholic drinks. They suggest consuming strange concoctions to cure the hangover. Like cures like. In other words, cure a hangover by taking another drink. Surprisingly, many people believe this myth. Sadly, this cure only delays the hangover symptoms, and might cause the individual to develop further alcohol problems.

The Coffee Cure

Another myth suggests that drinking a nice hot cup of black coffee will cure the hangover. Of course, the coffee invigorates the body and wakes up those blood cells in the brain. However, this is just a short term fix. The coffee actually dehydrates the body and increases the hangover symptoms.

Take Two Tylenol

Some drinkers assume that taking two Tylenol, cures the hangover. The fact is that taking Tylenol could actually cause harm. Tylenol and alcohol do not mix well together. Scientific studies show that the body is not able to process both of them at the same time. Thus, liver damage is possible.


Some suggest that eating oily foods or consuming burnt toast will help to cure that hangover. They are both false. Oily foods and burnt toast only add to the problem and cause additional stomach distress. The best cure for a hangover is to simply relax. The symptoms usually disappear within 24 hours. However, there are a few things that the individual could do to reduce the symptoms. For example, drink plenty of fluids, to combat dehydration. Take two aspirins to reduce hangover pain. Drink fruit juice to restore vital energy and lost nutrients.

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