The 5 Best Fantasy and Science Fiction Book Series of All Time

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A Dance with Dragons A Song of Ice and Fire Book 5 By George R. R. Martin

George R.R Martins “A Dance With Dragons” is book five of the authors “A Song of Ice and Fire” series. “A Dance with Dragons continues the epic fantasy adventure that the author has so carefully laid out in the previous books. This is not a stand alone book and a reader must read the previous books in order to understand the complex plot and characters of the story.

“A Dance with Dragons”, continues its plot line with The character Stannis trying to adhere to his power and claim the Iron Throne. The novel continues with the rivalry of the families and the hunger for power. Dany, as the new queen, is still settling into her new found power as queen.The character, Aegon, still has plans to take the Iron Throne. He gathers the Golden Company and prepares himself for his big move.

The Loyalty in this book is something to connect with. In the previous books, it seemed as though everyone was betraying one another. In “A Dance With Dragons”, the characters loyalty’s are tested and proved throughout the book, giving a deeper and more meaningful connection with the characters themselves.

Anyone who has been reading the “A Song of Fire and Ice” series should definitely continue their journey. I also recommend Book 1 of this series to anyone who enjoys fantasy-fiction and for those who also enjoy reading.

Dragonfly in Amber By Diana Gabaldon

Dragonfly in Amber is the second book in a series of novels called OUTLANDER written by Diana Gabaldon. The series started in 1991 and was labeled on of New York Times bestselling novels. This books story is set in 1968 in Scotland and is based on the continuing adventures of a time traveling 20th century nurse. The book is a science fiction/fantasy book but has its romantic parts featuring her 18th century warrior husband. The book features an array of setting to keep your attention as Claire Randall skips through different eras in time.

Dragonfly in Amber has some very touching moments in it as well. One of my personal favorites is when Claire Randall adopts the French boy who helped her and decides to rename him and leave his sadden past behind him. This book was very well written to capture the attention of almost all audience’s. Readers who are particularly into sci-fi books and enjoy the thrill of a fantasy book as well would enjoy this novel. The way the book is laid out I’m willing to bet that almost anyone despite your genre preference would like this one.

Memoirs Found in a Bathtub

Okay,so basically the year is 3149. It’s during this time that a really big dark matter has all but destroyed every written word on this planet. However, it’s these words that have managed to survive.

How so?

They were preserved inside a volcanic rock of some sort of centuries and centuries. It;s these words that tell the story of a very odd man. This man is very much the hermit. He has survived all of these years living in an underground community. It’s through these pages his words and life are told.

Now it has been translated from it’s original context. It might have some of it’s original meanings a bit off kilter, but the same context is still there. If you want to order the original format of the book, you can do this as well. Just go onto Amazon for both copies.

How was the book overall?

In some ways you want to scream. The guy is basically the subject of his own joke. It’s the kind of joke where everybody is in on it, well except for him. There are going to be times when you want to scream at the characters. Most of them are spies in some fashion.

There are times when you will walk away from it going “What did I just read?” It’s the kind of book that will make a bigger impact a few days after reading it.

I think anyone who is into book and likes a good story will enjoy it. Be warned. Everything is in code. If that’s your cup of tea, than you will definitely want to read this one.

Outlander By Diana Gabaldon

Outlander has spawned a TV show by the same name, and it makes everyone question what they would do if they found themselves in another time and place when they already thought their life was perfect. A woman turns up in a new land where she is across space and time away from her love. She has to start a new life thinking that she will never go back, falls in love and becomes a part of this fascinating community.

No one knows where she came from, but she forges a brand new life while leaving her old one behind. There is a lot of intrigue in the book because she has to tackle so much emotion, and the book makes people ask themselves questions about how they will make the most of every day of their lives. It all fits into this amazing world where the medieval values of the time are at war with liberation philosophy and people who are fighting for their freedom.

Anyone who likes science fiction and female empowerment should try this book, and the show that it has started would be a really good way to make sure that you have a good time reading.

Ready Player One By Ernest Cline

“Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline is every Game Players Fantasy. With a mixture of 80’s Pop Culture, Fantasy and Video game references, “Ready Player One” Gives a whole new meaning to the word ‘fandom’. Anyone who reads this book will be swept up by the many references that the author cleverly depicts in this novel.

It’s 2045 and the reality of video games is…well…real. Almost everyday people log into the OASIS, which is a virtual reality escape from the real world that is overpopulated, overly unemployed, and overall, terrible. Main character, Eighteen year old Wade Watts, is determined to beat OASIS. Throughout the novel, Wade overcomes many obstacles throughout the game. The author throws power references at the reader like Pacman games and ‘School of Rock’ terminology. Wades objective is to find the Easter Egg that is hidden within OASIS.

The classic 1980’s video game references in this novel definitely hit it home as to a major part of the novel that I love. However, you see the ‘Coming of age’ aspect that Wade must go through in a society and time like his, and being around the same age, I can absolutely connect to the emotions in which he experiences throughout the novel.

I would recommend these books to anyone who is a gamer or anyone who is obsessed with classic 1980’s music.

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