Small Space Solution: Rolling Garment Racks

November 18, 2016 by: King

rollingrackDo you always struggle to find ‘that’ shirt in your wardrobe because there are way too many clothes cluttered into it? Do you suddenly find a top that you have hardly worn in the depths of your wardrobe while cleaning it? Do you keep wearing the same clothes time and again because they are the only ones in front on your wardrobe? If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, you need more space in your wardrobe.

But then, you cannot go ahead and reconstruct your wardrobe. The problem is even more severe if you live in a rented apartment and have absolutely no rights for modification. The solution? Portable rolling garment racks!

Which brings us to the big question: what are the factors you must keep in mind while buying a rack and how do we compare different racks? Let’s look at a few racks and try to understand their usability and compare them.

Whitmor Commercial-Grade Steel Supreme Double Rod Garment Rack

What about this garment rack? What is impressive about this? Firstly, it has two rods, which means you can hang twice as many clothes as you can with single rod racks of same width. Apart from the rods, this rack has a shelf at the bottom and one at the top which can be used for storing a plethora of items. Another additional feature is a swinging arm that can be used to hang more garments or to hang smaller items such as ties. It is made of steel and can be assembled by hands. The makers are sure that it is robust hence it comes with a 10 year warranty. One problem that one can envision with two rods is the problem in hanging longer garments. This particular rack has the facility to remove one of the racks if you want to hand longer garments.

Alera Wire Shelving Garment Rack

This rack is has only one rod but three shelves. If you have more storage crunch for you hats and shoes than clothes, you might want to go with this one.

400LB LOAD Commercial Grade Rolling, Z Rack Garment Rack

This one is a heavy duty garment rack. It come with no other fancy features and is specialized to only one thing: store garments on a single rod. It has a Z shaped design which can take up more space than usual.

Extended Height Double-Rail Rolling Z Rack Garment Rack

This product is another one with a Z shaped base. However, this one comes with the added advantage of two rods. Moreover, the lower rod is of adjustable height which makes it more customizable.

Honey-Can-Do Bottom Shelf Expandable Chrome Garment Rack

This garment rack comes with a single rack and a single shelf. If you are worried about aesthetics and chrome is your thing, then this might be the rack you want to go for.

Commercial Grade Adjustable Garment Rack

This one is similar to the last rack with two major differences: it comes with adjustable height for the rack but without the bottom shelf.

SONGMICS Heavy Duty Garment Rack

This rack is similar to the Alera rack with hardly anything separating them at all.

SONGMICS Rolling Clothes Rack Adjustable Garment Rack Portable Hanging Rack

What set it apart from the other products on this list is its minimalist design. The features that this product boasts of are adjustable height and a single cloth hanging rod.

Z Rack with Cover Supports & Vinyl Cove

The only rack in the list to have a vinyl cover. It also possesses all the features that are there in the other Z shaped racks in the list.

Collapsible/Folding Rolling Clothing/ Garment Rack Salesman’s Rack

Another shelf-less, stainless steel rack with the additional feature of extendable hang-rail.

If we compare these products, it is obvious that the features on which we can compare different products are built material, looks & aesthetics, quality and width of the rack, the number and adjustability of the rods and shelves and add-ons like vinyl covers and extendable arms. The one you finally chose depends on your requirements. If you want a cloth hanger with some added features, it’s hard to beat the first product from Whitmor that we discussed here. However, if you would rather have just a cloth hanger, the one with the vinyl cover is sturdy and fancy with a good design. The vinyl cover is optional and can be removed. While it does not have an adjustable height, we all know that adjustable height might not have a good impact on the robustness of the rack.


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