Ice Ball Maker: Silicone Sphere Mold for Round Ice Cubes

February 3, 2016 by: King

Ice-Ball-MakeThe best thing about cocktails and mocktails at parties is the creative serving that hosts employ. This is why a round ice maker from the WOW shop can completely change the tone of a party or event.

Neatly Designed Ice Molds – The ice molds from WOW shop are made from silicone and have a diameter of 2.5”. Because the surface area is quite large, drinkers of bourbon, whiskey, and scotch would not have to deal with drinks that are watered down because of quick melting ice. The ice will melt slowly and chill the drink in an even way, allowing the drink to stay cold for a long time. These ice molds are quite well designed because the drink can be chilled in a short span of time. The spherical shape allows for this to happen.

Easy To Amp Up The Health Quotient Of Drinks – Instead of water, people can choose to use fruit juice. They can cut up fruit and put it in the ice mold. To have great and concentrated flavor, it is best to have small pieces of fruit and scoop it at the bottom half. Then, for the liquid, people can use simple water, lemon juice, and tea. When the molds are around 3/4th full, the hole should be covered with a finger and the mold should be shaken to mix everything properly. This fruity ice can help to make any mocktail more healthy and infuse it with vitamins and antioxidants.

Variety Of Drinks And Beverages – A number of drinks can be made interesting with these round ice molds. For cocktails, shakes, and mocktails, instead of using fruit juice, fruity ice balls can be used for helping the fruit flavor seep in slowly and gradually.

Fun Way To Enjoy Drinks – Instead of boring, old ice cubes, people can also choose to have unique flavors in their round ice maker and enjoy creative drinks. After all, a party is all about having fun and guests love it when hosts are unique with their plating and service. The round ice maker does exactly that because even though drinks and their composition rarely changes, something as simple as ice can make guests look at drinks in a different way. These round ice molds would become the talk of the party.

These ice balls are not just fun but they also have a healthy twist. Plus, they are extremely customizable and can go with a number of different drinks.


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