How to Increase Your Tablet’s Battery Life

February 10, 2015 by: King


The particular make and model of your tablet determines the length of your battery life. Regardless of the particulars however, it is always advisable to minimize waste and this includes ensuring a maximum amount of available battery power on your tablet at any time. Tablets were designed to run for close to a full 8 or 10 hours but few manage this routinely.

Simple Saving Solutions

So what can be done to maximize the length of your tablet’s battery life or alternatively, minimize wasteful battery usage? Several simple actions, surprisingly, can save more battery power than expected. For example, keeping your screen display at minimum brightness can save energy and extend battery duration. In fact, the screen is the biggest energy hog of all. Making sure devices are turned off when not in use also saves battery power.

Turning off the display completely and promptly when not in use and sending the tablet into sleep mode quickly saves the battery. Optionally, if you send your tablet to sleep instead of waiting for it to time-out will save battery energy.

Also unplugging devices saves energy. It may seem trivial but it all adds up. If you have USB devices attached they are drawing power through the USB port, even when not in use. These include an external hard drive or a USB mouse. Even the flash drive draws some power.

Heat diminishes battery life and therefore destroys the battery’s life. Be sure to keep your tablet out of the direct sun and out of the car trunk whenever possible.

Turn off running automatic updates. Instead, run the updates during off-hours when there is less I/O competition. There is a Windows app available to disable the auto updates.

Minimize the number of apps running. In fact, if possible run only one, the one you are using. Running multiple apps in the background unnecessarily heats the device with multiple screens opened. Likewise, the DVD/CD spins intermittently, using power. If you do not need it don’t include it in your configuration.

Power Plans

A Windows power plan manages the way your tablet, laptop or other device, uses energy and battery power. It is a combination of hardware, software and system settings and manages sleep and power options. You can tweak the settings and customize to maximize power savings. InstantGo and Connected Standby are 2 Windows power plans.

Connected Standby is the power plan run on Windows RT for the tablet. The power plan offers multiple options for saving battery power. Low-power mode option saves battery power. However, the device still wakes-up routinely for auto-updates and emails, which uses energy. Turning off the Wi-Fi will eliminate the auto-update feature and all network related functionality.


Certain simple actions can save your battery and extend the life of your tablet. Some of these are provided for your review.

Always fully charge your battery. Likewise, run your battery to empty. Routinely run the defrag maintenance program. This keeps your hard drive running more efficiently and that saves energy. Keep the vents clear of any obstruction and clean the device to ensure it is free of all dirt, dust and food crumbs. Keep the unit on a hard flat surface when in use. Clean the battery occasionally to ensure no obstructions.

Always run your tablet at low battery maintenance and use the power management.

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