Health and Fitness Essentials of Recumbent Exercise Bicycles

January 25, 2015 by: King

Recumbent-Exercise-BicycleA major factor in determining the type of exercise bike you need, whether recumbent exercise bike, or an upright exercise bike depends on many factors. First of all, if you want to compare the two, some things need to be considered, such as the maximum fitness results, and the overall experience and design. Let’s take a look at the two designs.

The bike frames

The recumbent bike frame sits low to the floor in a reclining position and has a nice wide seat for comfort. There is little stress on the arms which eliminates soreness in the shoulders and the back. This position works on the gluteus maximus, the muscles in the butt. As you are using the pedals, time seems to go swiftly, yet you’re giving the body the exercise it needs. On the other hand, using the upright exercise bike, is similar to a regular road bike and the seat is located above the pedals. The bike is less stable in this position and causes stress on the arms, hands, and wrists.

The seat position

In the recumbent seat position you have a natural seating which eliminates stress on your neck because the movement is minimal. The comfortable seat and relaxed position gives the rider a positive outlook on the exercise experience, since it is comfortable to ride. Reducing stress and fatigue causes you to work out more often. Riders on an upright bike complain about soreness from the saddle and neck pain from leaning forward. The upright bike seems to be more stressful, produces a painful experience, and seems insecure.

The Q factor

When you take a walk your body gets used to the movements in the hips and legs, and in the entire bodily exercise. Adjusting to the exercise equipment moves the body in either a normal position or one that varies. The upright bike is built so there is a distance between the pedals which causes the legs to be apart when pedaling. The recumbent exercise bike is built to give a pattern of movement similar to what the body is used to, thus causing much less stress on the body, yet providing all the benefits.


Discovering the right kind of exercise bike gives you the opportunity to decide which model to choose for yourself. If you have had back problems or have suffered pain from stress on your arms and hands, you may decide to choose a recumbent exercise bicycle. You’ll have less stress, and you will be able to enjoy your workout in a more relaxed type of environment, but still get maximum results.

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