Choose The Best Trekking Pole and Walking Stick For Hiking & Backpacking

September 19, 2016 by: King

backpackerWhether for a short hike or long trek, a trekking pole can be a great tool to help you along. The poles are ideal for rough terrain, to take some pressure off of the joints or maintain balance, or for a short hike through the forest or trail path as a simple walking stick. So take a minute to invest in your active lifestyle.

BAFX A-8956 Anti Shock Trekking Trail Poles – This pole is made of a durable light weight aluminium that makes it easy to carry and transport. The key feature of this pole is the anti shock spring that helps push you forward more easily and comfortably.

The Himal 1 Trekking Collapsable Alpenstocks Collapsible Pole – The aircraft grade aluminium alloy this pole is made of makes it both light and tough, essential for any rough terrain. The Tungsten Steel Rod Tip under the rubber makes the tip more durable. All considered, this pole is designed to be as durable as possible while maintaining a light weight.

VOROSY Trekking Poles – This product differs from the first two as it is made from 80% carbon fiber content, making it even lighter. The carbon fiber material is far more shock absorbent than aluminium, meaning this pole is anti-shock by nature . Add in the soft rubber feet and tungsten steel tips, this becomes a very versatile pole.

Weanas Folding Collapsible Trekking Pole – Returning to an aluminium shaft with the tungsten steel rod tip, this pole offers all of the basic features of a trekking pole and at a low price. This product represents the basic collapsible trekking pole as it offers a reliable lock system and solid construction, but has nothing extra to boost the price.

BAFX has many benefits to using their Trekking equipment such as safety, convenience, ergonomics, variety and best of all the prices, all to make your walking and hiking exciting and adventurous.

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