Best Toilet Safety Frames for Bath Safety

September 30, 2016 by: King


Why are you reading this? Maybe your young and want to help out granny. Perhaps you’re really only 23 years old, but for some reason find yourself unable to physically do as much as others can. Well then in all of your cases you have a bit of a problem; how to get around the bathroom. No one wants to think that their dignity is being overrun by people all clamoring to help, even if they mean well. So what are your options? Check into a home? Send for your son to come live with you? Then there’s Amazon, the website. With many Contraptions that work for you. I’ll tell you about a few.

The Stand Alone Safety Rail is a rest that doesn’t attach to the toilet. It support’s itself so you can use it for other things too. (As long as if fits) But the nicest part of this contraption is that it has side holders just right for books, magazines, and other entertainment while doing business.

First the Deluxe Toilet Safety Frame. Well that’s just a fancy way of saying, arm supports. It gives you support so you can get on and off the Lou without help, and have a place you rest your arms in the process. It’s also tool free assembly. That means you can put it up yourself and transfer it if you have to move or visit family. The best part is that the arm fold back, makes guests more comfortable and the whole thing easy to clean.

Then the Toilet Surround Support Aid. It’s just what is sounds like. A full Toilet support system. Like the other two it helps you down and up and so forth, but unlike them it has four feet instead of only two. Plus the back attachment has cross bars for added strength. When it comes off it can fold up neatly to be tucked out of sight, and even comes with a foot pad to rest your heels and toes on.

They also have the Drive Medical Toilet Safety Frame. Which is basically the same thing, but looks different, (in case that matters) and is lighter weight.

Last of all is the Safety Frame Adjustable Legs. It looks and handle a lot like the first one, but the legs can be shortened, or lengthened as you’d like them to be.

All in all these five devices can help turn your bathroom necessities into pleasant times, and all without losing your dignity. They can give support, easy maintenance, and add a few new homey touches to your home.

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